Sunday, June 3, 2012


I think I heard your melody, last night as the rain poured down on my window pane.
Beating softly to the tune of my heart beat.
I think I heard your voice.
Whispering softly to me through my bed sheets.
The ever present feeling I get when I feel you near,
The familiar reminders of sweet embraces and new found love.
Filling the air I breathe.
Encompassing my very being.
Making me think of you.
Light touches and smiles.
Familiar sounds and colors.
All wrapped up in a bundle.
That is you.
That's how I'll remember you.
Once upon a time on a warm summers day.
It's colder now but you'll always have a warm place in my heart.
As long as you remain the same.
For God's sake... don't you ever change...

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