Thursday, June 14, 2012


I see the face.
I've felt that glare.
I know the look.
I sense the stare.
It's all becoming way too familiar.
How can it be, that you're looking at me in such a way?
Like you really know me?
Like you have me figured out?

Well I may not have you figured out,
but I do know one thing.
It never seems to be the right person at the right time..
But rest assured, you and I will get along just fine.
Just don't expect much in return.
I don't have much to give to you.
Don't know what to say to you.

But I can listen.
I'll always be able to listen to that stare as it sweeps over me,
that look as it glances in my direction.
That whisper as you hold back, what it is, you'd really like to say...
That familiar face that I fear.
That familiar face that you keep giving me.
Please don't stare.
Don't look at me that way.
Didn't anyone ever tell you that it is rude to stare?
If this is your way of expressing yourself,
I'm going to need for you to get a new hobby.
As soon as possible...
I don't want your guilt on me.
Take it with you, as you leave.


  1. Good advice - he can take it with him, as he leaves. Trust your intuition!!!!! Bad vibes are experienced as a warning:) Always trust your gut. Stay safe!

    1. What Sherry said..."Trust your intuition!!" Good call.

    2. Thanks Sherry & Hannah for the encouraging words!

      @Kolembo lol

  2. Sing it girl! Away with you!
    Good reading - I felt like I wanted an image in there somewhere of either the speaker or the spoken to, but I enjoyed this alot.
    Hand on hip!

    P.S I read that as 'didn't anyone ever tell you that it is rude to share....!'