Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Next Lifetime

This is one of my favorite Erykah Badu songs. <3.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Naked In My Skin

I'm naked in my skin. Not sure whats going on or whats within...
These eyes of mine. They've seen so many lies, so many times.
But I won't re-visit that place..
I'm naked in my skin. Having to face what I've tried to run away from for so long.
See, I thought I could escape, all my troubles and my woes.
But they have a way of finding me even when I stay on my toes..
I'm naked in my skin. Just laying here, just waiting.
I'd like to be naked in your skin, and see what it is you see in me.
See what it is you think of me...
But maybe I'm afraid to know the truth. I've heard that it hurts.
I can't move forward if I'm always looking behind my shoulder.
As of late, I think I'm better off staying in the present. Living in the moment.
If you want me, you always know where to find me.
Naked in my skin.

Sunday, December 11, 2011


At least you're consistent.
A consistent fuck up.
I know now that I can always count on you,
to let me down.

No matter how low I sink,
I could never be as low as you.
You're like the scum between my toes.
The filth left behind by the garbage man.

I could say it once, twice, a dozen times...
and still it would not be enough.
Fuck you.

You're probably wondering,
"now what did I do?"

Well if you don't know,
you will soon.

You're gonna learn...
You're gonna learn,
what its like to get fucked over.


Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Awakening

Thank you for being exactly who I thought you were. 
An untrustworthy fraud,
a phony,
a manipulator,
a liar.

How dare you think you can just
walk in and out of my life,
as if its a revolving door.

People always talk about how different they are.
Funny thing is, you're all starting to look the same.

So, erase me from your memory.
I'll do the same for you.

And one last thing...

Fuck. You. :)