Thursday, June 21, 2012

Growing Up: How I Tried To Avoid The Labyrinth

Some days I wish I was a kid again.
Remember when we were kids?
And everything was so simple.
We'd go to school, get home, then spend the day outside playing.
That was life.
That was all we knew and all we needed to know.
Oh to be a kid again.
Care free and happy.
Things change.
Oh how fast things change.
And before I knew it, my life had changed.
I couldn't play outside with friends.
I had to do homework. After homework, came studying.
Life would never be the same again.
Looking back,
I wish I didn't take recess and naps for granted.
How valuable those things are.
I like this age,
this stage I've reached.
Young adulthood, as they stay.
But nothing compares to childhood.
Childhood is freedom.
Freedom from the labyrinth.
Freedom from growing up.
The labyrinth is what I've tried to avoid.
I don't want to grow up.
No, not yet.
Let me be a kid again.
Just one more time.


  1. Brittney,

    A labyrinth which I can recognise and did not wish to enter either, many years ago!!!


  2. Good luck at hanging on to that feeling of childhood freedom. Actually I have liked being an adult way more than being a child! But I have had a lot longer than you. Nice response to the labyrinth prompt.

  3. Try to reember that we are always playing - in the labyrinth or not!

  4. I so know what you mean. You can, though, you know. Grant yourself a day, or a weekend to do just exactly whatever you feel like. Do this often. The kid in us is never very far away:)

  5. Sometimes I wish we could go back and just play..just play..lovely read..

  6. Beautiful, wistful thoughts! Yes! Adulthood can be a labyrinth of pressures and demands and commitments, but perhaps we may forget that childhood, for some, has social pressures, the need to be accepted and loved.

  7. Yes, I watch my kids and yes, that is the life!! So free and innocent! Well written Brittney!

  8. Thank you to everyone who read/commented on this poem! I feel like I'm growing more each day and reading these responses is helping me do that. The community at Poets United is so amazing and I am very grateful.

  9. You need to release your inner child! Be free spirited and do something fun... Fun to read and remember that wonderful magic!