Friday, June 18, 2010

Self Knows Not What It feels

    ...I went out one night and I lost my mind...
 But everything was fine.
    Becase while awake, I am dreaming,
seeing but not believeing that its real.
  It seems as if I'm in too deep,
  like I've fallen into some type of sink hole.
Depressed, disappointed, and delusional.
self.. knows.. not.. what.. it.. feels..

I try to hide what I feel
because if I said what was really on my mind
I might turn a few heads
or wind up all alone again.
I'll admit it, I'm the neurotic one.
like a misplaced atom bomb,
trying to grasp and stay in touch with reality
but its a futile attempt you see

I tortured soul,
doomed to walk this earth alone,
for ever and eternity.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Life Is What You Make It

    They say "life is what you make it". I agree. Indeed, life is whatever you make it out to be. That can be good or bad. For the longest time I lived by other's standards of how I should live my life. But then it hit me.
It's my life. I'm the only one who can live it! So from now on, thats what I will do. I''ll live life for me.
Only I can determine what that means. I know that for the longest time, I was simply living and not existing.
Thats about to change. I want to be among the living. I want to enjoy my youth and my life because only God knows how long I have on this Earth. I challenge everyone to live their best life. Because you only live once so make it count!

 "Either you live now, and regret later. Or you don't live at all, and regret forever."

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Poetry Topics/ Themes

Ok so I think now I have an idea of what I want to write about.

Some different topics I'm interested in are: culture, nature, life, happiness, racism,

So I'll just pick one of these topics, start brainstorming, and write whatever comes to mind!

Nature Poetry... etc..

Just thinking about new types of poems I can write. Most of my poems are about my life/experiences. It would be interesting to write about different subjects and things I see around me and not necessarily all about me. Maybe nature poetry would be a good place to start?


Haven't posted anything new in a while. I feel like going to Barnes and Noble and reading some poetry. Reading works by my favorite authors/poets usually inspires me. Today is a good day to read.