Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ode To The Quirky Girl

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                                                                Me: Brittney J
I don't think the quirky girl gets the respect or the recognition that she deserves, so I decided to write a poem about her.

Ode to the quirky girl.
The girl who marches to the beat of her own drum.
The girl who makes her own rules.
And isn't afraid to stand out.
As a kid,
they called you weird.
But labels like that didn't make you fear.

You like being different.
It makes you unique.
You've always been able to stand on your own two feet,
and defend your honor.
Because people fear what they don't understand,
but if only they would give you a chance...

Ode to the quirky girl.
As a young woman you became,
a fighter,
a writer, 
a comic, 
a poet,
a revolutionary.
A voice for those who needed you.
This is your purpose.
This is your calling.

Quirky girls unite!
Let your "freak flag" wave!
Originality and creativity
at its finest.
Qualities you possess,
that no one can take from you.
Ode to the quirky girl.
Because you're so damn cool.

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  1. Excellent point...stay quirky. Vb