Sunday, April 8, 2012

How I Feel

I wish I could tell you,
how I feel about you.
In some clever, ingenious way.
Without it sounding forced,
or me getting in the way.
I always seem to get ahead of myself when it comes to these sorts of things.
Why can't I just be normal about this?
Oh gosh, I wish I wasn't so awkward!
Maybe then this would not be so hard.
To tell you that I think I like you.
But I'm not like other girls.
I'm a disparate soul.
A separate breed,
a quiet riot, so to speak.
I think I've reached my peak,
with all this agony.
Someone should hurry,
and put me out of my misery.
Either that or I'll just tell you.
I'll just say it and wait.
Wait anxiously for your reply.
This would be so easy if I wasn't so awkward.
Everything just suddenly seems so much harder.
Harder to do,
harder to say.
Harder to tell you how I feel,
in a normal, sort of way.

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