Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Remember when we met in the summer?

I do.

It was so hot that day and so were you.

Me being the type of girl I am, looked your way but there was no way that I would convey what I was thinking.

But you did. And it worked.

You asked for my number and I obliged.

And everything was cool.

Remember the first time we talked on the phone?

I do.

I was nervous to talk to you.

Boy was I shy.

But you put a smile on my face.

And for once I felt at ease.

Like I was free of whatever had been plaguing me.

Remember the first time we kissed?

I do.

Your lips were so soft and gentle.

And they made me feel warm and mellow.

But it didn't last and I accept that now.

I guess I'll call you a summer fling.

Don't worry, all my memories of you are good ones.

And I'll be thinking of you always.

And I'll always remember that summer.

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