Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My Fault, My Bad, My Lost

    I was a bit upset when I wrote this so it's kind of a vent..

   You're an enigma...
  I can't change you
 And so I hate you.
 I"m so angry,
 How could I ever date you?
It's like Shakespeare said,
"To thine own self be true."

Well here I am,
and now you've got me singing the blues...
I can't do this-No I Won't do this anymore
No more angry Brittney
No more sad Brittney
As the Raven said,
never more... never more...

No more wasted fears or held-back tears
No.. no.. no..
The only thing I regret,
Is all the warning signs I ignored.
Its like Ms. Angelou once said,
"When people show you who they are, Believe Them!"
That's it...
I'm done... and then some..

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