Sunday, October 3, 2010

Now What?

..So I like you.. Or at least I think I do. So, now what?
So we're talking and everything is cool. But now what?
If there was ever a time when knowing what would happen next was relevant, this would certainly be it.
So we had sex.. Now what?
Oh wait, I know.
Its time to pretend.
Pretend as if nothing means anything.
You're just a guy. I'm just a girl. Its what we do.
So... I don't like you so much anymore.
But I can't quit you.
Wish I knew how.
Its a never ending cycle.
But this time, I want off the merry go-round.
I'm much too old for child's play.
So the next time you say, "now what"?
Just know I won't be there to give you an answer.

.The End.

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