Thursday, August 5, 2010

..Uninspired.. and Uninhibited... Part Deux

    This uninspired and uninhibited behavior has taken on a new form.
What once was dormant has come undone and out!
Like a life force before me, I can clearly see
that woe is you and woe is me.

   But before I launch into a soliloquy
of how things should or ought to be.
Let me first, examine me.

   Perhaps now that I realized that the void comes from within
instead of without,
I can start to decipher & recreate
A. Better. Me.

?Does such a person exist?
Is there still hope for me?

Some say yes.
And some say no.
But honestly, no body knows.

I'm not really looking for statements.
I'm not really looking for opinions.

I'm just yearning for a learning of
what. it. all. means.

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