Sunday, September 26, 2010

Before I Self Destruct....

On a warm sunny summer night, I decided that I wanted to be reckless.

I told myself, before I self destruct, let me consider what my alternatives are.

And when nothing came to mind, my decision had been made.

It was almost as if I had envisioned this happening before it did.

Good case of deja vu.

So I bid reality goodbye and took flight.

Against the night sky.

Against the city lights. Against the trees.

Against right/wrong, and reason.

Summer always seems to be my season for trouble.

So, I told myself, before I self destruct

let me try to remember why I feel as if I need to do so..

And when nothing came to mind, I began to unwind.

I was over and out, gone with the wind.

I knew I had sinned, but I didn't care.

I couldn't. I wouldn't allow guilt to make me regret.

What was so wrong but felt so right.