Friday, June 18, 2010

Self Knows Not What It feels

    ...I went out one night and I lost my mind...
 But everything was fine.
    Becase while awake, I am dreaming,
seeing but not believeing that its real.
  It seems as if I'm in too deep,
  like I've fallen into some type of sink hole.
Depressed, disappointed, and delusional.
self.. knows.. not.. what.. it.. feels..

I try to hide what I feel
because if I said what was really on my mind
I might turn a few heads
or wind up all alone again.
I'll admit it, I'm the neurotic one.
like a misplaced atom bomb,
trying to grasp and stay in touch with reality
but its a futile attempt you see

I tortured soul,
doomed to walk this earth alone,
for ever and eternity.

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